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When parenting threatens your marriage

Ryan and Jessica never guessed that an alarm clock would send them into marriage counseling, especially when it wasn’t even theirs. Ryan bought the clock for Dustin, their middle-schooler,...... More »

Haunted Christians – Ghosts of Relationships Past

Haunted.  Such an eerie word.  Haunted Christians.  Seems like an oxymoron.  Can Christians really be haunted?  In short, absolutely!  And millions, perhaps even billions of Christians (and non-Christians) are...... More »

How ADHD affects focus  

It was the third time the teacher called. Not only is your son doing poorly at school, but he’s also disrupting the class. She’s frustrated and hinted that maybe...... More »

What Dad really wants for Father’s Day

It’s hard to buy for Dads when Father’s Day comes around. Ask most Dads what they want, and they’ll say “I don’t need anything,” or “you don’t have to...... More »

If you think your marriage needs help …

… it probably does. When you sense that something isn’t quite right in your relationship, there’s probably more going on than you realize. Without corrective actions, you’re likely to...... More »