Let’s talk about sex.

Believe it or not there are several elements to experiencing true intimacy, and it isn’t just about sex. Couples tend to use a lot of code words when they...... More »

Being a Leader in the Church

When someone enters the seminary or agrees to assume a leadership role in his or her church, it’s usually because of a heartfelt desire to help and guide others....... More »

Don’t ask me about my childhood!

I asked about her childhood and her relationship with her parents, and she responded angrily. “I’m not here to talk about myself! I’m here to talk about my son...... More »

Giving thanks for what we get to do

Gratitude is powerful. When we take time to thank God and those around us for life’s many gifts, we’re reminded of everything we have. Thanking others makes them feel...... More »

Haunted Christians – Ghosts of Relationships Past

Haunted.  Such an eerie word.  Haunted Christians.  Seems like an oxymoron.  Can Christians really be haunted?  In short, absolutely!  And millions, perhaps even billions of Christians (and non-Christians) are...... More »

We have plenty of tissues

As professional counselors, we’ve helped hundreds of people become better able to deal with life’s challenges. No two people are alike, and no two situations are alike, but there...... More »

How many sessions will I need?

One of the most common questions our counselors hear from new clients is “How many sessions of counseling will I need for my situation?” It’s a question we understand,...... More »