mental health

When abused kids become adults

Chris is one of those guys who’s easy to like. He’s friendly, always has a warm smile, and is happy to be the listener in most conversations. He’s a...... More »

A letter to working women

Dear working women, “We cannot parent like we don’t have jobs, and work like we don’t have children.” I’m not sure who spoke those words, but I’m completely confident...... More »

Don’t ask me about my childhood!

I asked about her childhood and her relationship with her parents, and she responded angrily. “I’m not here to talk about myself! I’m here to talk about my son...... More »

What exactly are anxiety and depression?

Today, you hear a lot about people saying that they’re anxious or depressed. In fact, nearly one in five Americans say that they suffer from anxiety or depression —...... More »

Why Jacob started counseling

I grew up in what I’d guess you’d call a pretty normal family. We lived in a smaller town about a half-hour outside the city. I was the youngest...... More »

Seeking to understand and prevent suicides

Suicide makes me mad. Those might sound like strange and strong words from a therapist who normally counsels understanding and forgiveness, but I can’t ignore the emotional response for...... More »