mental health

Don’t ask me about my childhood!

I asked about her childhood and her relationship with her parents, and she responded angrily. “I’m not here to talk about myself! I’m here to talk about my son...... More »

What exactly are anxiety and depression?

Today, you hear a lot about people saying that they’re anxious or depressed. In fact, nearly one in five Americans say that they suffer from anxiety or depression —...... More »

Why Jacob started counseling

I grew up in what I’d guess you’d call a pretty normal family. We lived in a smaller town about a half-hour outside the city. I was the youngest...... More »

Seeking to understand and prevent suicides

Suicide makes me mad. Those might sound like strange and strong words from a therapist who normally counsels understanding and forgiveness, but I can’t ignore the emotional response for...... More »


Easter’s approach is a powerful reminder to Christians of the ultimate sacrifice Christ made for us: the forgiveness of our sins. We hear the story of the Passion year...... More »

Meet Bill Overpeck, MSW

Across nearly four decades of service to others, Bill has demonstrated an abundance of compassion to those facing significant challenges, as well as a knack for developing practical, successful...... More »