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What exactly are anxiety and depression?

Today, you hear a lot about people saying that they’re anxious or depressed. In fact, nearly one in five Americans say that they suffer from anxiety or depression —...... More »

Is my child being bullied?

As soon as the kids goes back to school, questions about bullying spring up. While bullying has always been around us, it’s gained a higher profile in recent years....... More »

Rules for texting your spouse

How did couples manage to communicate before the invention of texting? It’s something to think about, since so many couples depend on those brief text messages to stay connected...... More »

What does accountability really mean?

People talk a lot about accountability, but I often wonder how many of them could define it. As counselors, we frequently hear people say they need accountability in their...... More »

Does your marriage need help?

At any moment, every marriage is either growing closer or drifting apart. Just as life and seasons change over time, relationships change. If they’re not growing stronger, they’re becoming...... More »

Why men must pursue their vision for the home

Women want to see their husbands lead the home. That’s what we’re hearing from wives in session after session of marriage counseling. When you don’t assume that leadership role,...... More »