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What counselors can learn from play

The most common image of counseling is a person reclining on a couch, talking at length about his or her problems, while the counselor furiously scribbles notes and occasionally...... More »

We have plenty of tissues

As professional counselors, we’ve helped hundreds of people become better able to deal with life’s challenges. No two people are alike, and no two situations are alike, but there...... More »

Meet Bill Overpeck, MSW

Across nearly four decades of service to others, Bill has demonstrated an abundance of compassion to those facing significant challenges, as well as a knack for developing practical, successful...... More »

How many sessions will I need?

One of the most common questions our counselors hear from new clients is “How many sessions of counseling will I need for my situation?” It’s a question we understand,...... More »

Thought kids would bring you together?

“We thought having kids would bring us closer together, but I feel so distant.” As a counselor who works with married couples, I’ve lost count of the number of...... More »

Dear Mom of an anxious teen

  We know you want your daughter to succeed. We know you want your son to do well in school so he can get into a good college and...... More »

Learning to love your body

Do you love your body? You should. You spend every minute of the day with it, it’s been part of your life since before you were born, and it’s...... More »

Why do people commit mass shootings?

It happened again. Someone walked into a “safe” place with a gun, opened fire, and the number of casualties is terrifying. It’s hard to understand what could prompt someone...... More »