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Being a Leader in the Church

When someone enters the seminary or agrees to assume a leadership role in his or her church, it’s usually because of a heartfelt desire to help and guide others....... More »

We’re still growing!

The people who participate in running events such as marathons will understand this. As they tick off the miles in a race, their focus is constantly what’s ahead of...... More »

Debt can destroy marriages

There are many factors that lead couples to divorce, but one that’s nearly always present in troubled marriages is money problems. Even if a couple’s financial situation isn’t dire,...... More »

Don’t ask me about my childhood!

I asked about her childhood and her relationship with her parents, and she responded angrily. “I’m not here to talk about myself! I’m here to talk about my son...... More »

Why do we need a Crisis Response Team?

Care to Change is working with a variety of groups in Hendricks County, including first responders, the medical community, local government, schools, businesses, and other mental health providers to...... More »