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Don’t ask me about my childhood!

I asked about her childhood and her relationship with her parents, and she responded angrily. “I’m not here to talk about myself! I’m here to talk about my son...... More »

Why do we need a Crisis Response Team?

Care to Change is working with a variety of groups in Hendricks County, including first responders, the medical community, local government, schools, businesses, and other mental health providers to...... More »

Giving thanks for what we get to do

Gratitude is powerful. When we take time to thank God and those around us for life’s many gifts, we’re reminded of everything we have. Thanking others makes them feel...... More »

For a veteran’s family 

The day he told you he was going overseas, you were overwhelmed by a jumble of emotions. You were so proud of his bravery and patriotism, so afraid of...... More »

Haunted Christians – Ghosts of Relationships Past

Haunted.  Such an eerie word.  Haunted Christians.  Seems like an oxymoron.  Can Christians really be haunted?  In short, absolutely!  And millions, perhaps even billions of Christians (and non-Christians) are...... More »

People of faith can suffer from anxiety

There are many misunderstandings and myths about mental health and faith. For example, people of strong religious faith may suffer even more with anxiety, because they think that turning...... More »

What exactly are anxiety and depression?

Today, you hear a lot about people saying that they’re anxious or depressed. In fact, nearly one in five Americans say that they suffer from anxiety or depression —...... More »

Is my child being bullied?

As soon as the kids goes back to school, questions about bullying spring up. While bullying has always been around us, it’s gained a higher profile in recent years....... More »