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People of faith can suffer from anxiety

There are many misunderstandings and myths about mental health and faith. For example, people of strong religious faith may suffer even more with anxiety, because they think that turning...... More »

Meet Michael Spencer

Care to Change welcomes Michael Spencer to our team! Since the mid-1980s, Mike has combined ministry with counseling for families, couples, and individuals of all ages, using his own...... More »

Meet Bill Overpeck, MSW

Across nearly four decades of service to others, Bill has demonstrated an abundance of compassion to those facing significant challenges, as well as a knack for developing practical, successful...... More »

For a family dealing with addiction …

First, we’re sorry that you’re having to deal with a loved one’s addiction. It isn’t your fault. You’re not to blame. And while it probably isn’t much comfort, know...... More »

Guilt, Shame & Lies

“Fear was really my worst enemy, until I realized that it had a big brother named Shame.” Her simple comment started to change the way I look at shame,...... More »