A letter to working women

Dear working women, “We cannot parent like we don’t have jobs, and work like we don’t have children.” I’m not sure who spoke those words, but I’m completely confident...... More »

13 Reasons Why? Plenty of Reasons Why Not

We’ve received a lot of questions about the recent Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” that’s become popular among teens. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s about a young...... More »

Dear parents of teenage girls

I know you worry about your daughter. This can be a scary time to be an adolescent girl. Even if your daughter is a great kid, she’s surrounded by...... More »

If you think your marriage needs help …

… it probably does. When you sense that something isn’t quite right in your relationship, there’s probably more going on than you realize. Without corrective actions, you’re likely to...... More »

When parenting becomes a battle

When our children are infants, we hold them for hours and love them intensely. We can’t imagine anything that could ever get in the way of that feeling. We’ve...... More »

Is therapy for cowards or the courageous?

As more people learn of Care to Change and the ways in which our professionals change lives, I increasingly find myself being pulled aside in hallways, at church, in...... More »