We operate with a set of standards that ensures your goals are met. This begins the minute you take that first step. It’s as easy as texting or calling 317-790-9396, or emailing us as help@caretochange.org. We’ll offer new clients appointment times within the first business week that you contact us. No more waiting for months and months to be seen for issues you’ve been struggling with already too long.

Next, we combine scripture, relevant experience, and proven techniques into one integrative approach of helping clients. Our experienced professionals have a deep educational background focused upon proven, research-based approaches for guiding people to the next step. What sets us apart is we’ve built that knowledge upon a solid foundation of Biblical truth and hired only experienced professionals to help you.

Care to Change is not limited to helping Christians or members of particular denominations. Our doors and our hearts are open to people of every faith, as well as to people who embrace no particular belief.


We offer a calm, supportive alternative to traditional therapy. You won’t feel like you’re walking into an impersonal medical clinic or an uncomfortably personal living room. We’ve created professional, well-thought-out spaces where people of all ages will feel comfortable and relaxed — peaceful settings to encourage constructive conversations, which are the first step to healing.


Care to Change was formed with the vision of using our God-given gifts and talents to serve those in need. We believe each interaction with clients is an opportunity to reflect God’s love and hope. We pray that our partnerships will result in clients finding God’s purpose for their lives.


To help individuals and families maximize their God-given potential by providing Biblically based counseling and life-changing solutions.


  • We acknowledge that God is the owner and sustainer of Care to Change, and that the families we are serving are His children, each made in the image of Christ, pre-planned for good works and a fruitful life of purpose.
  • We rely on the Bible for guidance and direction on all matters and commit to adhering to Biblical principles when making all decisions.
  • We interact with all business partners and clients professionally, respectfully, and courteously.
  • We will protect the dignity of our clients and respect their decisions for care by following and imitating Christ’s example of love and compassion in every interaction, serving our clients as though we are serving the Lord.