Growing up has never been easy, but modern life is especially difficult for today’s children. The combination of higher expectations, less free time, greater academic pressure, chaotic social media, and tough family issues is forcing children to contend with ever-higher stress levels.

We know this has also created a burden for public and private schools and school districts, as many students need extra attention at the same time that your resources are becoming more limited. Even schools with counseling staff may face large workloads or students whose specific needs exceed the staff’s professional confidence.

The professionals at Care to Change can serve as a trusted resource for your staff and students. You can refer families in need of services to us, and we’ll identify the professional best suited to help. You can be confident that we will address their needs with discretion and a focus on the individual that will reflect well upon your referral. We are also available to assist schools in crisis situations, such as when counselors are needed to help students contend with a tragedy. Please contact us today to discuss your school’s or district’s needs.