Whether you’re hosting a special event for your church or other organization, or simply want to help members of a group learn strategies to get more enjoyment out of life, we’d welcome the chance to help. Our professionals have extensive experience at speaking and facilitating programs for groups from 5 to 500.

We’ve included many of our most popular workshops here. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, contact us to discuss your needs, and we may be able to create a custom program just for you. We’re also available to present breakout sessions at conferences and retreats.

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Hope Circle for Women

Are you finding  yourself tense, worried or on edge? Does anxiety interfere with your work, school or family fun or responsibilities? Are you plagued with fear and what ifs? Do you have a hard time sleeping or getting out of bed? Do you lack concentration, feel irritable or restless? If so, we have a group to help you understand the reason behind the anxiety and depression. Learn ways to handle those feelings, fight for the peace and joy you want, and begin to live in the freedom you were made for.

Fruits of the Spirit

If you’d like to live a life that reflects love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and self-control, we can provide practical steps that are easy to understand and follow. We can present this program as a single-day workshop or a one-hour weekly course over 10 weeks.

Fundamentals of Communication

There are healthier ways to communicate with friends, spouses, and co-workers. We use the evidence-based Prepare/Enrich curriculum to share useful strategies for active listening, assertive communication, conflict resolution, and more that you’ll be able to put to use right away. Choose a single-day workshop or a one-hour weekly course over 10 weeks.


The keys to productive teams are mutual respect, genuine understanding, and effective communication. We’ll share proven techniques in this highly experiential half-day or full-day workshop that will also provide improvements in participants’ personal relationships.

Shattered Dreams

When the unexpected happens and your life is changed forever, how do you move forward? This faith-based workshop is adapted from Larry Crabb’s outstanding book, Shattered Dreams, and can be presented as a single half-day session, or as a six-week course on healing and refocusing life goals.

Armor of God

Ephesians 6 reminds us of the importance of obedience. In this faith-based workshop, we review how to armor up and live victoriously in world that presents so many obstacles, with a special emphasis on learning how to fight for your children and marriage. We can present it as either a one- or two-day workshop, or a one-hour weekly course over 10 weeks.

Spiritual Disciplines

How can you center your daily life upon God’s purpose for you? This workshop or study series provides practical life-changing practices inspired by Richard Foster’s book, Celebration of Disciplines. We explore inward, outward, and corporate/social disciplines, including the roles of meditation, prayer, fasting, study, simplicity, submission, service, confession, worship, guidance, and celebration. Choose a single-day workshop or a one-hour weekly course over 12 weeks.

Personality Types & Communication

Want to communicate better with those around you? It begins by understanding yourself and your own communication styles. In this practical, hands-on one-day workshop based on Gary Smalley’s work, we’ll perform a brief self-assessment and a review of basic personality styles.

Parenting from the Inside Out

Have you noticed the disruptive and maladaptive behavior so many children display these days? This workshop explores the causes and offers practical strategies for addressing bad behavior. We can present a single-day overview, or a two-hour weekly course over 12 weeks.

Love/Hate Relationships with Food

We love food. We celebrate with it. We self-medicate with it. We jump on a roller coaster ride with it. This 90-minute per week for 10 weeks course provides practical ways to be free of poor food choices. Participants learn why they crave the wrong foods and how they can break those cravings.

Financial Management

You don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck. This workshop explains how to overcome debt and gain the discipline that comes with having a budget. It offers practical, realistic strategies for achieving financial freedom. Choose from a one-hour or one-day session, or a one-hour weekly class over 10 weeks.

So You Think You’re Ready for Marriage?

It takes more than love to sustain a marriage. This 10-to-12-week course provides a comprehensive pre-marriage program that will strengthen your relationship and prepare you for what follows your ceremony. Using the evidence-based Prepare/Enrich curriculum, we cover a broad range of important topics, including communication, conflict resolution, forgiveness, finances, leisure activities, sex and affection, spiritual beliefs, marriage expectations, children and parenting, overcoming stress, and developing marriage goals.

What Not to Do as a Parent

Are your children driving you crazy? They may not be the real problem. This half-day workshop or 12-week course for parents of pre-teens will help you understand your own “hot buttons” and the impact they have on parents. We’ll help you connect with your child and show you ways to promote their development.