Helping Valued Employees with
Difficult Challenges

Ask business owners and managers about their greatest frustrations, and more often than not, they’ll mention personnel issues. Specifically, they struggle when problems in employees’ personal lives spill over into the workplace or impact attendance, productivity, and performance. That can include everything from marital problems, to coping with the care needed by a family member, to an inability to deal with stress, to substance abuse issues — situations most employers lack the resources and expertise to address effectively.

The professionals at Care to Change can serve as trusted partners for your company. When we partner with a company like yours, our focus is on addressing issues in ways that reflect your interest in and caring for your employees’ lives, and on improving your bottom line.

Individual counseling

You can refer employees in need of services to us, and we’ll identify the professional best suited to help. We can also provide mental health screenings to help you determine whether employees might benefit from assistance. You can be confident that we will address your employees’ needs with discretion and a focus on the individual that will reflect well upon your referral.

We can even offer your company an arrangement through which we guarantee immediate availability for your employees when needed and/or allow you to offer reduced-price services as part of your employee benefits plan.

Crisis assistance

We are available to assist businesses in crisis situations, such as when the company or employees have been affected by a disaster or a situation such as a suicide or violent death.

Empowering leaders

Companies try to identify individuals who have the potential to lead and manage others, but they’re often disappointed by the performance of those people when placed in supervisory roles. Our professionals can work with your leadership team and those you’ve identified as future leaders to help them gain the skills they need and overcome the beliefs or challenges that may be holding them back, using evidence-based approaches.

Solving challenges

If you’re not seeing the performance you expect from your team, or if issues between staff members and departments are interfering with the health of your operation, our professionals can help by providing practical training and workshops on subjects such as improving communication, resolving conflicts in productive ways, and discovering more effective ways to manage stress. We can also educate your managers and employees on productivity-robbing issues such as depression and anxiety.

We’re here for you

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