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Welcome, Jared Jones!

Care to Change continues to grow and we introduce you to Jared Jones. Volunteering as a crisis intervention specialist during college fueled a passion in Jared for counseling adolescents...... More »

Introducing Kerra Money

Care to Change welcomes our new night office manager, Kerra Money! When you call or visit us in the evenings, you’ll instantly note her warm, calming demeanor. Kerra is...... More »

Why our work with schools is vital

Tim is in his mid-50s and really hasn’t been able to find direction in life. From an early age, he struggled to fit in. He left out and he...... More »

Do therapists lead perfect lives?

“I bet it is nice being married to a therapist.” The young newlywed shook her head near the end of a particularly emotional counseling session. “I can barely function,...... More »

Meet Brittany Smith, MSSW, LSW

Care to Change officially welcomes Brittany Smith to our team! For more than a decade, Brittany has helped young children and teens who have faced challenges in their young...... More »

Moms are problem solving experts

That’s right. Mothers are problem-solving wizards. From the earliest ages, we discover that when we don’t know what to do in any situation, our best course of action is...... More »