Care to Change

A letter to working women

Dear working women, “We cannot parent like we don’t have jobs, and work like we don’t have children.” I’m not sure who spoke those words, but I’m completely confident...... More »

When parenting threatens your marriage

Ryan and Jessica never guessed that an alarm clock would send them into marriage counseling, especially when it wasn’t even theirs. Ryan bought the clock for Dustin, their middle-schooler,...... More »

We’re still growing!

The people who participate in running events such as marathons will understand this. As they tick off the miles in a race, their focus is constantly what’s ahead of...... More »

Why do we need a Crisis Response Team?

Care to Change is working with a variety of groups in Hendricks County, including first responders, the medical community, local government, schools, businesses, and other mental health providers to...... More »

What does accountability really mean?

People talk a lot about accountability, but I often wonder how many of them could define it. As counselors, we frequently hear people say they need accountability in their...... More »