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Introducing Kerra Money

Care to Change welcomes our new night office manager, Kerra Money! When you call or visit us in the evenings, you’ll instantly note her warm, calming demeanor. Kerra is...... More »

The link between depression and suicide

Depression is a common condition that’s not always well-understood by many people. It’s been estimated that 17 million Americans suffer from depression during any given year, and roughly 9...... More »

For Those Who Have Loved and Lost

Chances are, you are reading this article today because suicide, mental illness or mental health crisis has affected your life or a loved one’s life in some way. If...... More »

What exactly is trauma-sensitive yoga?

Now that Care to Change has added trauma-informed mindful movement to its services, we’ve been receiving questions about how what many see as a mystical practice fits with a...... More »

Why our work with schools is vital

Tim is in his mid-50s and really hasn’t been able to find direction in life. From an early age, he struggled to fit in. He left out and he...... More »

Dear parent of a high school senior

Dear Parent: You didn’t think you’d survive their first day of kindergarten, and now that they’re about to start their senior year, you’re a bundle of emotions. You’re proud...... More »