Dear Dads: you matter

Dear Dads: You know the doubt. That wondering if you’re making a difference with your kids. Does what you say and do really matter? Most of the time, you’re...... More »

Are past experiences holding your kids back? 

If you followed the news during this year’s state legislative session, you saw many discussions about mental health, particularly where children and teens are concerned. There’s increased awareness of...... More »

Moms are problem solving experts

That’s right. Mothers are problem-solving wizards. From the earliest ages, we discover that when we don’t know what to do in any situation, our best course of action is...... More »

How trauma impacts learning

How many of you have heard about the I-LEARN tests this week? As a parent, I know I’ve received multiple emails, announcements and tweets about it. I’m worried about...... More »

Help your kids manage money  

“Our kids just don’t understand the value of a dollar. They think they’re entitled to whatever they want, and have no concept of what it takes to get money....... More »

What counselors can learn from play

The most common image of counseling is a person reclining on a couch, talking at length about his or her problems, while the counselor furiously scribbles notes and occasionally...... More »