Breaking free of PTSD

Travis is one of the most patriotic guys you’ll ever meet, and one of the toughest. His neighborhood celebrates Independence Day with gusto, and you’d assume Travis would be...... More »

Haunted Christians – Ghosts of Relationships Past

Haunted.  Such an eerie word.  Haunted Christians.  Seems like an oxymoron.  Can Christians really be haunted?  In short, absolutely!  And millions, perhaps even billions of Christians (and non-Christians) are...... More »

Why do people commit mass shootings?

It happened again. Someone walked into a “safe” place with a gun, opened fire, and the number of casualties is terrifying. It’s hard to understand what could prompt someone...... More »

To Moms who aren’t measuring up

Dear Mom, I believe I understand what’s happening. Being a mother is harder than you ever imagined it could be. There are wonderful moments, but no matter how many...... More »

13 Reasons Why? Plenty of Reasons Why Not

We’ve received a lot of questions about the recent Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” that’s become popular among teens. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s about a young...... More »