Which is it? Social/Emotional Health? Behavioral Health? or Mental Health & Wellness or what…

What’s the difference?

Schools refer to mental health as social/emotional health. Hospitals and businesses often call it behavioral health. Professionals in the field call it mental health or mental wellness. What are all of these terms? Are they different? And why do they matter to you and those you love?

In observance of Mental Health Awareness Month this May, Care to Change has prepared a workshop series to help you learn more. We want to help you understand exactly what mental health is and how to know when it is time to take a step in getting help. There are several workshop options.

  • Mental Health & the Church will talk about how mental health issues might be affecting your congregation and what resources are available.  Register here.
  • Mental Health & Your Business will review how mental health issues like anxiety/depression are affecting your bottom line and what you can do to support your employees.  Register here.
  • Mental Health & Your Family will discuss what are signs of mental health concerns, how you can build a strong family and when to know it’s time to reach out for help. Register here.
  • Mental Health & Suicide will summarize how to recognize signs of suicide and what to do if someone you know says they don’t want to live anymore. Register here.

We have limited each workshop to the first 15 who register, so you won’t want to wait to sign up!  If you, your church, your business, school, or organization would like to have us come speak about mental health issues, or specific topics, please contact us. We have many workshops ready to share.

Better together,


PS.  Just in case you want to know more about the county wide coalition addressing the mental health needs in our community…Care to Change is a proud member of the Hendricks County Mental Health Coalition, a group of community members committed to improving the mental wellness in our own backyard.