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Wondering what to expect when you visit Care to Change the first time? We know some people are curious about what they’ll see, and others may be a little apprehensive. That’s why we created this online “tour” to give you a quick glimpse!  



Welcome to our lobby. Most people tell us it’s a warm, welcoming environment with natural textures and colors.

You’ll note that it doesn’t feel clinical like a doctor’s office, or cluttered like a home office. We play soft music and use aromatherapy to help you keep comfortable.

We’ll be with you in a moment.

open door session room


Kids room

We know that young ones can be fearful of new places, so we’ve designed our kids’ room to put them at ease and keep them curious.

Evidence-based principles teach us that the right sensory cues make children more comfortable, so we have a sensory chair, weighted blankets, stuffed animals, and other touches.

kids room

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There’s also a one-way window and audio system so you can observe your son or daughter’s session without being in the room.

Tweens and teens have a room of their own, so they won’t think we’re treating them like toddlers.  

Training/Support room

training room

We’ve created an intimate, comfortable environment for classes and group sessions.

The window coverings allow plenty of natural light while assuring your privacy.

We’ve incorporated simple technology so presenters can concentrate on what they’re teaching instead of trying to make devices work.


session room 1

session room 2

session room 3

Our counseling offices are comfortable, and they’re decidedly professional.

We’ve chosen furnishings that make you feel at home, along with indirect lighting and supportive artwork.

You’ll work with your counselor in a comfy setting, rather than across a large desk or table. It’s conducive to conversation.  

Hospitality station

Want a cup of coffee, water, or a healthy snack? Be our guest and help yourself!



We designed the office with walls and other materials that cushion and capture sounds.

You won’t be distracted by outside noises during your session, and you won’t need to worry that others can overhear what you’re discussing.

Recessed lighting throughout our center casts a gentle glow that helps people feel calmer and less self-conscious.

We’ve lined the walls with artwork that shares positive thoughts and reminds you of God’s many supportive messages in Scripture.

mission frame  

Back door

Our private exit is separate from the lobby. You won’t have to worry about any awkward encounters after your session. Your car is just steps away.

Thanks for visiting us, and we’ll see you again soon!

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